Renaming files and file extensions

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Another way to change the default app for a file type is from properties. Right-click on the file whose default app you want to change. With the new program that you wish to use selected, make sure there is a check mark in the Always use the selected program to open this kind of file checkbox.

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SO you must have one lest column in your CSV that there is in that list.. Note also if you uses Excel as a spreadsheet, it will not save the CSV as UTF-8 which is required. You can accomplish this by opening the file in notepad and expressly setting it in the file save as dialog. In the Data Preview area, SPSS displays a preview of how your data will appear in SPSS once the import is complete. You can select any of the variable names in order to change the variable name or alter its format. For example, in the example above we have selected the variable bday in the Data Preview area. This variable name now appears in the Variable name area above, and the Data format is also displayed—which, in this example, is Date/Time.

  • Make sure that yours is saved as a ‘Windows Comma Separated’ CSV.
  • It’s fully up to your personal preference — both applications get the job done.
  • This doesn’t affect our editorial independence.

If you can see the filename extension, you can usually figure out which kind of file you have at hand and which program will open it. If Ballmer had seen the .VBS on the end of the filename, no doubt he would’ve guessed it was a program — and might’ve been disinclined to double-click it. Under the General tab, click on the Change button present next to Opens with. Select the app that you want to set as default. This is the small round button () in the lower left corner of your screen that has a Windows flag on it. When the Start Menu opens, type set association in the search field as shown in the image below.

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On right click to start changing file extension for the selected file in Windows 10. Right-click the file you want to change the file association and select Properties in the drop-down menu. These are the different ways you can use to change file type on Windows 11/10. Let’s get into the details of each method and change the file type easily. For this approach, add all the files you’d like to edit into one folder. Hold Shift while you right-click that folder and select Open command window here. Like Windows 11, Windows 10 uses Settings instead of Control Panel to make changes to file type associations.